Развитие информационных технологий в уголовном судопроизводстве
Вс, 2020.10.25, 23:47
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Оцените развитие информационных технологий в уголовном судопроизводстве России на сегодня
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Считаете ли вы необходимым ввести электронное уголовное дело?
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Считаете ли вы возможным закрепить в УПК РФ электронную информацию как вид доказательств?
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Digitalization of criminal proceedings is currently carried out spontaneously, according to forced legal regulation of newly emerging information and communication relations. At the same time, there is no strategy for its phased implementation, and the possible response of citizens to this matter has neither been studied. The latter causes serious concern, since any failure to accept significant innovations by the population may nullify the results of the “digital revolution”, jeopardizing the historically developed and customary traditions (rules, procedures, rituals), including cultural values (ideas) underlying the course of justice. All this, ultimately, can cause collective discontent and instability in legal policy. To avoid this or minimize possible risks, we need to carry out profound interdisciplinary studies allowing us to answer a number of questions in theory and in practice. This will allow us to forecast the introduction of information technologies in criminal proceedings, while retaining the citizens’ sense of security and justice of courts, and therefore a confidence in the justice of the decisions made.

DOI https://doi.org/10.2991/assehr.k.200526.059 

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