Развитие информационных технологий в уголовном судопроизводстве
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Оцените развитие информационных технологий в уголовном судопроизводстве России на сегодня
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Считаете ли вы необходимым ввести электронное уголовное дело?
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Считаете ли вы возможным закрепить в УПК РФ электронную информацию как вид доказательств?
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Modernization of investigative activities is another one line of IT development in the area of criminal proceedings. Electronic documents can become the products of investigative activities. And here there is a threat of destruction of the stereo typed perception of these procedural actions. The point is that the electronic (digital) data handling doesn’t fit into traditional system of investigative activities. For example, when inspecting digital storage media, we use not only sense organs; in fact, one has to search for and sort data, perform technical and programmatic actions. Therefore, it hardly corresponds to routine inspection. American scientists refer file searching on a digital device to search. Therewith, an evidence is a particular file, but not HDD. The latter is a storage of evidence. Thus, in the USA a digital device search takes place. In Germany and South Korea, it is called lawful data filtering for evaluation of evidential significance.

In the Russian legal literature, you can find suggestions on introduction of new investigative activities into criminal procedure, such as: search of computer equipment devices, electronic copying of data, examination of infomedia, electronic seizure, electronic search, arrest of e-mail correspondence. In addition, it is legally proposed to provide for noticed automatic video recording in official premises of the preliminary investigation bodies when implementing investigative activities.

The introduction of technology of procedure document certification by any participant of criminal procedure instead of common signing hereof will allow online implementation of procedural actions and confirmation hereof. This provides wide opportunities for remote enforcement of rights and legally protected interests of the participants.



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